Friday, January 18, 2008

I'm horrible at posting... but on the plus side, that means I'm super busy!

Okay, so yesterday I started writing this entry and never finished. It is so hard to find time to do this stuff when you are going off of other people's time too, not just your own. For instance, I start writing, and people want to go out to lunch. Can't just stay in and write all by myself, right? Well anyway, the trip has been so amazing so far and the people on the trip are so neat and honestly have been so fun to get to know. When it comes to writing regularly and such, I definitely see myself doing more of that if I was on my own here. But anyway, that said, here is a partial post... more to come later on.
Wow... so it has been a week since my first entry. I'm definitely not updating as much as I had originally thought I would. I apologize. Anyway, where did I leave off? Last Friday night, or Saturday morning really, we spent four hours investigating the vaults beneath Edinburgh. I have to say that this was an amazing experience. It would have been nicer if the group wasn't so large and Dan had mentioned that if he did it again, the group would be split in half and the investigations would occur on two separate nights. But anyway, it was a lot of fun. First of all, it was completely dark. We had our "torches" haha (that would be flashlights to all you Americans, hehe). Well anyway, we walked around in the dark using our EMF detectors and blinding each other with the flashes from the cameras. At first there was a lot of screeching and people yelling "knock it off, I'm serious!!!" as people were getting adjusted to the dark and bumping into each other both on accident and on purpose. We were split up into three groups that rotated through three assigned sections of the vaults throughout the night, though we didn't always follow those restrictions. But hey, if something interesting is happening in the hallway next to us and no one else is in there, we're not just gonna stand in our assigned room and just ignore it. So at one point Anthony and I wandered into the corridor and were taking some EMF readings. As we were walking, we both heard footsteps walk from the corner and straight past us. Of course, no one was there. Creeeepy. Well that was the turning point for me that night and things started to get really cool. Admitting though, that a lot of the uneasiness and scares that night might have been psychological... but of course that is all left up to personal opinion. My personal opinion? It was a thoroughly enjoyable once in a lifetime opportunity. Unless of course I decide to become a professional ghost hunter. ;)
So then on Saturday we slept in to recover from our night of investigating the vaults, eventually dragged ourselves out of bed and headed out to see some sights. Allison and Kelsey and I walked from our apartment down to Princes St, past that to Charlotte Square where, to our disappointment, we did not hear any phantom piano playing. Then we found the infamous Rose St. everyone had been telling us to go to. Twenty seven pubs, one guy had told us. Good restaurants and shopping we'd heard from another local. Well, we did indeed notice a ton of pubs and bars and restaurants but unfortunately it was the afternoon and we weren't all that hungry. But we have decided to go back before we leave. That night we went out for Thai food and then spent the night watching British game shows and horrible British hospital dramas. Knowing that we were getting up early the next morning to head out to Stirling, Allison, Kelsey, Rory, and I all made it a (fairly early) night. Well, I stayed up pretty late I guess... but it was worth it to spend the evening talking to Colin. I'm going through phone call withdrawals. It is one thing to talk online every night... a totally different thing to actually hear his voice.

Well, I know that doesnt even begin to cover this time gap you all know nothing about, but I want to at least post something before I head off to Inverness, even if I couldn't finish it. Lots of love from Edinburgh!!!